Natural Drug-Free Allergy Relief for All Ages


If you are tired of using drugs to stop your itchy eyes, drippy nose, scratchy throat, stomach aches, bowel complaints, eczema, headaches, or any other symptoms of bodily distress I welcome you to experience relief.

Whether it’s a baby, child, or adult who is suffering, allergies can make life miserable. It is possible for any part of the body to react to an allergen. You might have headaches or joint pain. Your child might wet his bed at night or have a tantrum in a market while you’re shopping. Your teenager might gain weight, have frequent accidents in gym, or blow a test she prepared for well in advance.

Although I’m licensed as an acupuncturist I don’t need needles to eliminate allergies to foods, chemicals, animals, or anything else. It feels like I’m massaging your back, and yet I’m instructing your immune system to stop over-reacting. After the treatment you can eat the food, pet the cat, walk into a store with new fabric, or whatever it was that bothered you and feel fine.

Have a look around my website to find out how I do it. Come in for a free demonstration. I look forward to meeting you.

After a series of acupressure treatments, no more rashes, ear infections, and a healthy little girl. I swear by what you did for her. She hasn’t had any antibiotics for over 2 years. I am so happy for her that we found you! Thanks & Blessings
Laurie V.
Since being treated by you I haven’t had a runny nose, asthma attack or congested sinuses. I can even run my dog daily without getting a rash or hives-this is a miracle!
Jeanette M. Okazaki, DDS