NADA 5-Point Ear Protocol Training


When you hear again and again “This is the best part of the program!” you know you’re onto something useful. That is what I’ve heard while providing the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA)’s five-point ear protocol for addictive and mental health disorders in a wide variety of substance abuse treatment programs during the past 24 years and why I only half retired this year, stopping seeing individual patients in my private medical practice but continuing to teach the NADA five-point ear protocol.

During the last half of 2016 I’ve been hired to teach the technique to physicians at Vista Family Health Clinic in Santa Rosa, CA, counselors and auxiliary staff at The Healing Arts Research Training Center in Memphis, TN, and acupuncturists at the Institute of Clinical Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in Honolulu, HI.

The protocol is elegant and powerful. There may be only five points to treat but those points help veterans with nightmares and insomnia from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) relax and sleep. They help offenders on probation or parole stay clean. They reduce withdrawal symptoms of people addicted to pharmaceuticals, street drugs, or behaviors (“process addictions”).

I’ve been using the NADA protocol since 1992 and teaching it to others since 2013.

The NADA training is usually taught in a group because it is best performed in a group. There is something about the group qi that helps everyone in the room feel more relaxed, even those who aren’t willing to receive the needles in their ears.

However, at times I’ve taught individuals in another state or even another country, as long as they can find a place to practice and a NADA-trained person to supervise them while they do it.

NADA never was designed to work alone. The five point ear protocol is in addition to group and individual counseling, nutrition education, wholesome food in the program, mind-body integration exercises, and when necessary the appropriate medications to ease clients from a life of chaos and fear to one of order and support.

The NADA training involves both didactic classroom education of 30 hours and supervised clinical experience of, when possible, 40 hours, or when that isn’t available then a minimum of 80 ears (i.e. 40 people) treated.

Take a look through the pages of this website for more details about me and about the training.

If you have a drug treatment program or school and are interested in providing your staff and students this training, please contact me at 916-214-0607 or I look forward to talking with you!

All the best,

Carolyn Reuben, LAc, RT

Licensed Acupuncturist and NADA Registered Trainer