NADA 5-Point Ear Protocol Training

Requirements for Receiving An Acudetox Specialist Certificate


  1. 30 hours of didactic education based on the NADA Training Manual and my personal curriculum that I’ve added to enhance the NADA training.
  2. 40 people (ie 80 ears) needled using the NADA protocol. Some of these people will be your fellow students in class. Others will be in clinics in the area where I have arranged for my students to volunteer. A few of these treatments may be done outside of class, with family or friends, if you take a photo of your needle placement and show it to me in class.
  3. I need to observe you at least once in class and once at one of the treatment clinics describing to the group what you are planning on doing to them as their NADA Ear Point Protocol provider.
  4. A written comparison of your personal experiences visiting at least one Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and one Narcotics Anonymous meeting.
  5. Completion of a final exam that proves to me you know the work theoretically.
  6. Your signature on the NADA Ethics Pledge and application form.
  7. Your signature on an acknowledgment of practice scope.
  8. My signature on your application acknowledging my assurance to NADA that you will be a successful and honorable Acudetox Specialist.
  9. Either my sponsoring school or I sending in to the NADA office a check for $70 for your first year’s membership in NADA ($40 if you are a student) and paying NADA $35 per person for use of their manual, as a way to financially support the organization’s continued existence. Often these fees are included in your original fee for the class.