NADA 5-Point Ear Protocol Training

Reuben’s Commandments Of Acudetox



Thou shalt not…

  • talk to clients about your own family.
  • tell clients personal information about where you live or work.
  • talk about anyone else who works for your agency.
  • loan any client your books, CDs, or anything else.
  • compliment the apparel of any one person in earshot of others.
  • comment about anyone’s physical appearance positively or negatively.
  • ignore regulations of the agency regarding food, drink, and start time.
  • use sarcasm as a form of humor.
  • yell “Shut up!” when you are fed up with their talking.
  • search for lost needles by feeling around with your hand in the crack where chair back and seat meet.
  • leave the room without searching thoroughly for needles along the floorboard, on comforters, and on the rug in the area you needled.
  • lift up a dropped needle, cotton ball, or magnet from someone’s chest or lap. Ask the person to pick it up him/herself (with a telescope magnet if possible) and have them carefully discard it in the sharps container.
  • keep your phone on.
  • make fun of anyone’s fear of needles, even when they are covered in tattoos.
  • play music with lyrics.
  • turn off all the lights.
  • use more than 2 teabags in a 24 cup coffee urn. Two are enough.
  • give the client a cup of boiling hot tea without adding a quarter cup of iced tea or room temperature water to make it less dangerous if spilled.
  • talk about the agency staff in any way that suggests a “them” and “us” attitude.


Thou shalt…

  • maintain a consistent ritual day after day within the acudetox room
  • speak quietly and respectfully to clients at all times
  • remain friendly without becoming friends of clients
  • wear modest clothing that avoids revealing cleavage when you bend forward
  • wear closed toed shoes that protect your feet from wayward needles
  • wear silent jewelry that allows you to walk quietly across the room
  • secure long hair so it doesn’t brush against the body or face of clients
  • keep music at a low to medium level so people can have their own dreamy meditation with music in the background
  • offer in-service trainings to staff several times a year
  • encourage new staff to experience the acudetox room for themselves
  • take care to reduce your own stress level on a regular basis
  • allow a client to read to the others from a book with short inspiring stories in it while you needle the group and before you turn down the lights
  • delight in the magic of your work as a vehicle for transformation.